Automatic Feeders/Loaders
Robot Feeder/Loaders
For Packing Machinery manufactures

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flowrapper support

     making complex things simple

the best packing solutions for less, a lot less..

- servo upgrade/repair service for your flowrapper -
- upgraded/refurbished machines with TWO year warranty -
- labour saving automatic product handling and flowrap loaders -

Inspired innovation from people - real individuals - who make up midasmotion. With science and engineering degrees, every senior engineer has spent over fifteen years working with packaging machines. From mechanical components to electronic circuit boards. From family bakeries to global corporations. From a minor tweak to a fully automated production line. Always helpful and always in demand.

warranty Labour Saving Automation
Loaders, Convergers, Aligners
for new or existing flowrappers


  Special Product Handling

  bespoke and special solutions

Shuttleworth Conveyors

vertical bagger vffs

 'SimpleFeed' flowrap loader

  easy fit, low cost automatic loader


Packing Machines - Examples

call for flow wrappers

turn your old unused flowrapper into cash
any condition, working or not, call or email for an instant offer

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UK packing machine supplier, manufacturer and engineers of packaging machinery and packaging equipment. We are UK and European leaders in engineering for packing machines, and associated equipment such as flow wrappers and flow pack machines, automatic infeeds, flowrap product loaders, flowrap product feeders, in-line low pressure feeders and zero contact or contactless feeders for flowrappers. Experts in product handling related to packing machines and packaging lines using new and existing packaging machines and equipment.