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packaging automation for less

Automatic Packaging Machinerey

Reduced labour, increased output and improved productivity - at an affordable price. We can upgrade your old flowrapper, supply new, used or any combination combined with your existing packaging equipment - transforming your operation into a modern automatic packing line.

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warranty Repair and Upgrade
emergency loan/rental machines available..
Ilapak, Record, PFM, Ulma, Rose Foregrove, Adpak, etc,

warranty Half Price Flowrappers
heavy duty models, warranty and fully support..
European, high quality, with multi-motor upgrade

warranty Peace of Mind SERVICE CONTRACT
preventative Maintenance and Breakdown cover

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midasmotion are a UK based packaging machine supplier specialising in the refurbishment and build of horizontal form-fill-seal machines, commonly known as flowrappers. We are UK and European leaders in the supply of new, used and upgraded flowrappers and related machinery such as automatic infeeds, flowrap product loaders, flowrap product feeders, in-line low pressure feeders and zero contact or contactless feeders for flowrappers. Specialising in utilising a combination of your existing, refurbished used, second hand or pre-owned and new high quality packing machinery we provide labour saving and high effeciency solutions at low cost. All our packaging machinery is supplied with a full and comprehensive warranty and supported long term by our own expert engineers.