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packing machine engineering

Shuttleworth Conveyors

We've been using Shuttleworth 'SlipTorque' conveyors for many years. Now, as their official UK partner, we work directly with their European manufacturing plant to supply a huge range of excellent and cost effective product handling solutions.

gated auto-loader

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Often based on their unique very low friction conveyor system, Shuttleworth have a wealth of specialist knowledge from simple low pressure accumulators to complex bespoke product handling and machine feeding systems which complement our flowrapper upgrades perfectly.

stacking and de-stacking

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Stacking, turning, de-stacking and general re-orientation of products as they flow through a process is a Shuttleworth speciality. Here, for instance, we see products being de-stacked sometimes only requiring a very simple addition to a standard 'SlipTorque' conveyor.

Below we see just a glimpse of the possibilities. Visit Shuttleworth.com for even more.

bespoke solutions

Flow Pack

Shuttleworth, part of the Pro Mach group, design and manufacture solutions to transport, accumulate, divide, combine, index, position, stack, unstack, sort and control your product in most environments including industrial, wash down and clean room. Together we offer a truly expert and high quality solution from initial analysis and specification of your requirements to installation and support - from a simple individual conveyor to a complex integrated midasmotion / Shuttleworth production line.

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Shuttleworth, powered by Pro Mach, works hard to solve your material handling challenges. If you need an automated material handling conveyor solution that will accumulate, position, orient, flip, stack, rotate, reject, push, divert, index or a unique way to convey your products between manufacturing processes, Shuttlewroth can supply it through our strategic partner, midasmotion. Our high-quality, performance-backed solutions and commitment to outstanding service have resulted in over 18,000 installed solutions throughout the past 50 years. Working closely with midasmotion, Shuttleworth provide an automatic feeding and loading systems for horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) packing machines. HFFS packing machines are often known as flow wrappers, flowrappers, flow pack, flow packing , flowpack and flowpacking machines.