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flow pack servo

   low cost easy upgrade

Transforming an old mechancial machine into a latest generation multi-motor version with all the latest benefits this brings, or refurbishing your own used one, or adding value for resale, or replacing unobtainable parts, or even building new machines - we have a solution that fits you and your budget! You choose how much you do - from purchasing just the controller and display, through a kit of components for your machine, to having your machine collected, upgraded and delivered back to you finsihed and tested.
electrical cabinet
A common approach is for us to supply a complete and tested electrical cabinet. You mount the motors into the stripped out machine and simply connect the guard switches and sensors to the screw-less terminal strip. You end up with an outwardly familiar machine that's been transformed with simplified mechanicals and a wealth of advanced production and efficiency features.

Installation Overview

Whether you perform the work yourself or leave it to us, the process is the same:

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