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expert maintenance and support

For over twenty years we have been at the forefront of flow wrapper design and as independent experts we can lead you through the flow wrapper maze. We have worked on just about every make and model and can supply full upgrades, kits of parts or used or new machines from our continually changing stock.

used flowrap

multi-motor upgrade

Replace all the internal mechanical drive components with three simple directly coupled motors and turn your flow wrapper into a new generation machine with all the performance, high efficiency features and simplicity of the worlds latest.

We provide a full service - we collect your flow wrapper by dedicated safe transport, perform all the work and return it to you finished and tested using your own products.

We provide expert on-site instllation and training and  ongoing support and maintenance for the complete machine.

DIY kit of parts

We supply kits of components so you can upgrade almost any rotary flow wrapper yourself. For machinery engineers or end-users who have their own maintenace resource this represents an excellent cost-effective way of totally transforming and de-skilling the operation of an old machine.

And, of course, any worn or broken parts inside the machine are inherently redundant and simply replaced with three directly coupled motors.

It includes detailed instructions with examples of just about every make and model of flow wrapper backed by expert assistance from our own engineers.

mondial kit

You can choose from a basic kit of just the primary components all the way to a fully built and tested electrical panel, and every bracket, sensor, pulley and drive belt you need to complete the upgrade.

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new flow-wrappers

Our control systems and software are at the heart of over one thousand flow wrappers world-wide. So, if you want a new machine, there probably isn't anyone in the UK more qualified to point you in the right direction. There's no such thing as a 'standard' flow wrapper and we can explain the different options and discuss your specific requirements, then point you at a choice of partners that fits your needs and your budget.


- simple intuitive operation

- fast, consistent product change-over

- accurate immediate print registration

- instant re-call product memories

- no-product no-bag

- soft stall jaws and auto recovery

- low maintenance simple drive system

- simple, consistent and reliable

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multi-motor flow pack

At the heart of our systems and flow wrap machines is an ultra-high performance multi-axis controller with integrated PLC and touch sensitive HMI - all in one low cost package.

Available with configurable ready to go flow wrap software or with a free 'open source' development system for the more adventurous engineers!

more motion controller information

putting you in control

flowrapper multiaxis controller

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