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packing machine applications

Having been in business for more than two decades there are hundreds of applications we could showcase. But we prefer a simple website that's easy to use, so here is a short but representative sample. Please click on them to get a feel of what we can do for you.

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High Speed Buns Take Off
When Evron Foods of Northern Ireland wanted to pack bread buns for airplane meals they approached us and several other suppliers. They wanted to pack them at high speed...

Bakery makes best use of Grant
Stacey's Bakery of Ilkestone purchased one of our refurbished and upgraded Ilapak Carrera flow wrappers using a government grant. This meant they could release labour from manual hand packing...

Unstable Tea Bag stacks
This demonstrates an automatic packing solution supplied to the UK facility of a large and well know global beverage company. Packing unstable stacks...

Pizza automation on a budget
We have seen the requirement for automatic feeding and product handling grow significantly in the last few years...

J-Cloth manufacturer goes DIY
EGL-Homecare are Europe's largest manufacturer of disposable cleaning clothes, sponges, cleaning pads and mops and they have a range of different machines...

Family Bakery now owns a Pearl
McGhee's Family Bakers already had a PFM Hurricane fitted with our upgrade and they were so pleased with it they then sent a much later Pearl model...

Time for Tea with Simple Automation
There's often no need to spend tens of thousands on complex feeding systems. Here are two examples of stacked tea-bags being transferred directly...

Multi-Packs by midasmotion
Equipped with midasmotion controllers and software, ten flow-wrappers manufactured by a Norwich company are employed at Walkers Snack Foods...

Bringing New Life to Vegatronic Baggers
Ilapak's older Vegatronic continous motion baggers are mechanically tough machines but often suffer from obsolete and unsupportable drivesystems...

Round Products on a Standard Flowrapper
A supplier of pet foods was using a standard flowrapper for packing different products but when it came to round fat-balls they continually struggled...

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midasmotion supply hi-technology upgrades for flow wrappers which are used in packing a large range of food and non food items. Teabags in stacks and wrapped in silver foil are packed by our upgraded Ilapak SMART and Record Scorpion machines, both loaded by hand and connected directly to IMA tea bag making machines for Typhoo, Finlays and several small specialist tea companies. We also upgrade Fuji flow wrappers for Typhoo Tea.
Riva Foods use an Ilapak Carrera 2000 which has been fully refurbished and upgraded by us and coupled to an automatic in-line feeder designed and built by us. Riva pack pizzas from five inch to nineteen inch round and rectangular at up to 180 per minute.
EGL Homecare use several flow wrappers which have been upgraded by us to pack J cloths, sponges, mop heads and simlar items. They also have two new flow wrappers supplied by us packing sponges.
Many small and medium bakeries use flow wrappers either supplied by us or their own which we have upgraded for them. McGhee's Family Bakery have a range of different, mainly PFM, flow wrappers which have all been upgraded by us, including an almost new Pearl model. Bread buns, rolls, cakes and other bakery items are one of the most common items packed on a flow wrapper.
Multi-pack snack products are a difficult product for a flow-wrapper and they require a particular expertise in adapting a standad machine. We have supplied control systems for many AMP flow wrappers packing Walkers crisps. We have also supplied complete refurbished machines for packing multi-pack Butterkist popcorn and several own brand childrens snack products.
We have also rebuilt and upgraded Ilapak vertical baggers which are used for packing sweets and similar small confectionery items.
Particularly difficult products to pack tend to be unstable items, often round, such as fat balls for birds, tomatos, peppers, oranges, apples. These are relatively easy in trays but can be very difficult when loose or bunched together. We have adapted and modified standard flow wrappers for packing round and other difficult shapes by using powered top brushes and other devices.
We have designed and built many high speed fully automatic lines for collating and packing confectionery items such as chcolate bars, health bars, cerial bars etc.
We supplied a flow wrapper to a traditional Scottish company for packing meat products including high quality haggis and meat loaf. Pies, sausage rolls, pasties and simlar meat products are commonly packed on flow wrappers.
Filled sandwiches, panini, wraps etc are also packed on our packing machines.
Some of the more unusual items packed on our flow wrappers are cheque books, credit cards, frozen mice (reptile feed).
The medical industry also uses our machines for packing syringes, thermometers, bandages, etc. parts, software and design services for packaging machines and automation equipment. In particular we support manufacturers and re-conditioners of flowrapper or horizontal form, fill and seal machines. We also supply complete product handling and specialist machines and equipment that couple or work in conjunction with new or existing flowrappers. The sort of products associated with these machines are confectionery, chocolate, snack foods, vegetable, tomato, peppers, fruit, cards, magazine, meat, cheese, bakery and non food items such as hardware.