Family Bakery now owns a Pearl

multipack tea bags

McGhee's Family Bakers already had a PFM Hurricane fitted with our upgrade and they were so pleased with it they then sent a much later Pearl model. McGhee's make a large range of quailty bakery products and make extensive use of flowrappers. Already a multi-motor machine and only 4 years old their PFM Pearl drive system clearly wasn't worn out. So what drives the demand for upgrades such as this? - according to them "it's the way the machine now works". The improvement is first seen by the machine operators whose jobs instantly become easier and more relaxed, then by the managers and company owners who see a real increase in efficiency and productivity. It's difficult to explain in words the impact such an approach has on the machine's ability and productivity but the proof is the increasing number of newer machines passing through our workshop for internal upgrade,

There might be some clever electronics under the skin but it demonstrates how huge experience and knowledge of the industry and the proper understanding of customers' requirements leads to a simple physical solution - a process practiced every day by midasmotion.

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