Latest  generation upgrade takes off

Our hi-tech refubishment and upgrade service is now so popular there's always a dozen or so flow-wrappers passing through our dedicated workshop. On the outside most rotary flow-wrappers are relatively simple but it's on the inside that things have changed. Many modern machines have multiple motors which individually drive each segment of the machine and our upgrade transforms a traditional manually adjusted machine into a latest generation automatic version. The transformation isn't minor either - it hugely de-skills its operation with automatic, fast, accurate and consistent product change-over. It adds a wealth of efficiency and performance features - it really does transform your machine. Given the over-engineered construction of many older machines you can actually end up with a machine that out performs and is more rugged than a new, built to a price, lighter weight version - for less, a lot less!

flow pack upgrades

For some people we collect their machine and send it back completely finished and tested. If you have your own mainenance engineers we can supply a DIY kit of parts which has every part you need including a pre-assembled and tested electrical cabinet. Expert backup and support, combined with the low cost of our controller, is the key to a high quality, high performance but low cost solution. Another critical element is the software which, for a standard rotary flow-wrapper, is supplied completely free with no associated development time or cost at all! And it's not basic minimal software - this is the fully featured but simple to use full blown version that we are known for throughout the packaging machinery industry. We will even give you a copy of the actual source code if you wish - very reassuring if you are engineers building or working with machines. Its modular and expandable nature means our systems are just as perfect for more complex applications such as fully automatic feeding systems, vertical baggers and extended line control.

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