Unstable Tea Bag stacks

This demostrates an automatic packing solution supplied to the UK facility of a large and well known global beverage company. Packing unstable stacks like this is always difficult but, unlike most other tea producers, the tea bags are supplied individually and not linked together - making it particularly demanding. The flowrapper is fully integrated by us into the IMA tea bag making machine and operation is automatic with no full time operators.

tea bags

Designing special infeeds for flowrappers is standard practice for us and they can be fitted to your existing flowrapper together with internal upgrade and modernisation, or to any of our used flowrappers, or to our Series 1000 new machines. Integrating the flowrapper, both physically and electronically, with the IMA tea bag manufacturing machine was performed by our own expert engineers with minimal resource required from IMA.

Recently Ilapak themselves approached us to repeat the excercise for one of their customers. By shipping one of their SMART machines directly to us we could integrate the necessary automation prior to final installation. In many ways Ilapak and midasmotion are competitors but by working together like this, all parties, including the customer, receive the best possible solution.

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