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multipack packing

A large well known retailer of tea bags asked us to come up with a simple and cost effective way of automating their packing process. They had already chosen Ilapak who supplied their new entry level SMART flow-wrapper and we suggested fitting one of our 'SimpleFeed' in-line product loaders to fully automate the packing process.

crisp packing

Physically fitting the 'SimpleFeed' system to the SMART machine was straightforward but the SMART is already a hi-tech machine with its own embedded software. To function as a properly integrated packing line we had to find a way of adapting it to accept midasmotion software. This was was solved by changing some strategic core components and the end result was very successful.

The 'SimpleFeed' is suited to many applications but coupling it to existing refurbished flow-wrappers has proven particularly popular with small manufacturers of specialist teas. Recently Ilapak themselves approached us to repeat the excercise for another one of their customers. By shipping a SMART machine directly to us we could integrate the SimpleFeed prior to final installation. In many ways Ilapak and midasmotion are competitors but by working together like this all parties, including the customer, receive the best possible solution.

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