Pizza automation on a budget

automatic pizza packing

We have seen the requirement for automatic feeding and product handling grow significantly in the last few years. A typical example is this pizza packing line for a supplier of frozen pizzas. They already had an existing Ilapak Carrera 2000PC which wasn't very old but they were struggling to get reliable and sensibly priced support particularly for the internal control equipment. Like most suppliers of such equipment, the original manufacturer is Italian and only has a sales and routine service depot in the UK. A Carrera 2000, particularly one modified for damp environments, is mechanically a well built heavy duty machine and a new equivalent machine from the original manufacturer is at the top end of the price range. We fully refurbished their existing flow-wrapper, fitted our software and drive system, discarded the original manual infeed and fitted a completely new automatic in-line infeed that accepted a range of pizzas from 5 inch to 19 inch - directly from the customer's upstream manufacturing process. For a fraction of the price of new equipment they had achieved latest generation full automation with expert long term support and backup. They also have a heavy duty Record Jaguar waiting in the wings for similar treatment.

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