Packing Round Products on a Standard Flowrapper

A supplier of pet foods were using a standard flowrapper for packing many different products but when it came to round fat-balls they continually struggled. Round products like these are notoriously difficult because they are unstable and roll around inside the tube of film that a standard flowrapper relies upon. We part exchanged their existing well used Ilapak Carrera 500 machine for a fully refurbished and upgraded Carrera 1000 fitted with a specially developed powered top-brush.

Like all our flowrappers, the internal upgrade meant changing products is fast and efficient with minimal change-over time and totally consistent results. The powered top brush holds the round fat-balls in position all the way through the machine but is easily removed, without tools, for products which don't require it. A new integrated thermal printer was also included for printing date and batch code information directly onto the wrapping material.

There are specialist types of machines available which are specifically designed for handling difficult products but it's rare to find one on the second hand market that suits your product and they are very expensive new. Our solution gave them improved performance, simplified operation, versatility and expert long term support - all making excellent financial sense.

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