The SERIES 1000 is available as part of one of our packaging automation projects or as a stand-alone hand-fed machine. Shown here packing a major brand of multi-pack snack-food popcorn and chosen because of it's combination of rugged heavy duty construction, high effeciency features and zero maintenance drive system and, of course, highly competitive price.

It offers levels of performance to equal almost any flowrapper - at any price! It has instantly recallable product memories, 'no-product no-bag', jaw stall detection with auto-retry, continuous diagnostics and simple intuitive colour touch screen operation. 
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Pack Specification

Width (A) :
Length (B) :
Height (C) :
Reel diam :
Reel Width :
flow pack 1000 pack size 10 to 280mm
50 to 1000mm
1 to 120mm
350mm max
600mm max


flowrap pack style - Twin, triple,quad jaws for high speed
- Twin film reels, manual or auto splice deck
- No-Product No-Bag
- Misplaced Product Detection
- Integrated date coder and labeller
- Full Stainless (wet atmosphere)
- Integrated In-Line product feeder
- Pick and place robot interface

Machine Specification

Max Speed :
Drive Technology :
Control System :
Overload :
Product Memories :
No-Product No-Bag :
Misplaced Product :
Supply :
Infeed Length :
Size (L x W x H) :
Weight :
150 (1 jaw) / 500 (4 jaw) packs/min
independent motor on all axes
software controlled, auto-retry
50 instant recall and auto set-up
to 300 pk/min (product dependant)
to full speed (single/twin jaw)
220 volt 1 phase, or 440 volt 3 phase, 3 kw
1.6m plus any extra multiple of 1m
3.1 x 1.2 x 1.8 metres
650 kg approx