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packing machine repair

Our refurbished machines are supplied with a full ONE YEAR warranty and a TWO YEAR warranty covering all the new components supplied and fitted to any upgrade, either performed by us or supplied in a DIY kit.


TWO YEAR parts warranty

It's easy to be taken in by some companies whose only interest is selling you another new machine. Or maybe you've got an old flow wrapper that's a key part of your business but you can't find the support or spares you now need. We offer unrivalled long term support with our own dedicated team of expert engineers and technicians.


peace of mind SERVICE CONTRACT
  call or email service@midasmotion.co.uk

We now offer Service and Breakdown contracts for any machine we've supplied or upgraded. Regular preventative maintenance significantly reduces the risk of downtime and, should the worst happen, our fast Breakdown response quickly gets you up and running. It includes a stock of critical spares and priority service from our highly experienced flow-wrap technicians.


standard parts ALWAYS in stock
fast delivery and expert technical backup

We keep all the electro-technical components in stock, both for our new and refurbished machines and our upgrade kits, ready for immediate delivery. We keep a large stock of mechancial service components backed by a network of specialist parts suppliers and our own in-house machine shop. What you may also like is our immediate free telephone support and competetive on-site service rates.

If you need something in a hurry but don't have an account with us you can always pay by Credit/Debit or PayPal using our secure on-line payment - call 01423 815 478 for details.

There may be a surcharge for this service


ISO9000 and TickIT

Our first class after sales service is backed by a BS-EN-ISO 9000 and TickIT management structure, and an enviable record of external audits by one of the most respected risk assessment agencies in the world, plus over twenty years of satisfied customers.

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midasmotion supply automatic packaging lines based on low pressure, zero pressure and no-contact or zero contact loaders, feeders and automatic conveyors. We are UK agensts for Shuttleworth Conveyors - a product handling company who are part of the Pro Mach group and who manufacture product handling solutions based on their 'SlipTorque' conveyor technology. The in-line feeders are stainless steel food grade construction with tool-less easy removed belts and rollers for good hygiene in food packing applications. The product loaders can be integrated into existing packing machines such as Blueprint, Adept, ABB, Ilapak, Record, Tisomi, Delfin, Rose Foregrove, Ulma, pfm, adpak, Redpack, Bosch, Tivopharm and other packing machinery. They automate the packing process and reduce labour requirements. We have huge experience of building and supplying in-line flowrap loaders for bakery, bread , tray bake, tray bakes, cakes, pies, pasties, biscuits, cookies, cards, cheese, chocolate, confectionery, pet food, fish, sea food, meat, poultry, medical, pharmaceutical, pasta, pizza, tortillas, snacks, multipack, frozen food, sausages, flowers, hardware, cutlery, ice cream, wet wipes, ready meal and many more applications. Midasmotion are manufacturers of specialist conveyors and feeders. Special conveyors are controlled by servo motors and integrated into our flowrap control systems. Automatic infeed conveyors can dramatically increase the packing efficiency of your flowrapper packing machine.