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We provide carefully selected flow-pack machines which have been rebuilt and upgraded by us to offer a rugged, high quality, latest generation alternative at a fraction of the price of a new machine. Now with TWO years parts and labour warranty and long term support and service from experts, it's a perfect way of keeping your costs under control while your business grows.

used ilapak carrera

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Ilapak Carrera 1000

A high quality heavy duty full stainless steel flow-packer. Fully refurbished and with a full internal latest generation multi-motor upgrade.

All the latest high productivity and efficiency features including 'No-product No-Bag', 'Auto jam recovery', print registration, automatic and consistent set-up.

Compact Heavy Duty

This is a full stainless steel flow-packer originally of UK manufacture. Refurbished and fitted with our latest generation multi-motor drive system and latest generation internals this flow-pack has all the latest features such as 'no-product-no-bag', print registration and 50 automatic product memories/recipes. A simple and rugged but feature packed flow-packer.

It will be tailored by our experts to suit your application.

flowpack machine

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MAP gas flushing

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MAP compatible top seal

A rare opportunity to purchase a top-end MAP compatible flow-packer. A box motion type flow-packer with an inverted seam/long seal and belt type infeed conveyor. Designed for packing tall or difficult items or collections of loose or mixed parts. The box motion head generates a high integrity seal and is ideal for gas flushing (MAP) applications. It is In excellent condition and had very little use packing plastic non-food items. Available with its existing Mitsubishi multi-motor drive system or with a full midasmotion internal upgrade and usual long flow-pack warranty.

updated Scorpion

The Record Scorpion is one of the most popular and well known European flow-packers. This one has had light use and is in fine mechanical order. It has had a full internal and electrical rebuild as part of its upgrade to a latest generation multi-motor drive system. It's a full stainless-steel flow-pack with a barrette transfer jaw conveyor so is ideal for difficult and short as well as long products. It has all the latest generation features such as 'no-product-no-bag', auto-stall recovery, automatic product change and 50 product memories. A used integrated ICE date coder is optional.

flowpack machine

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flowpack machine

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heavy duty wide pack

A large high quality, heavy duty wide bodied Ulma Atlanta flow-pack machine with full internal rebuild and in excellent mechanical condition. Features a 'barrette' jaw carry-over conveyor making it ideal for difficult or short length as well as long products. All the original internals have been completely replaced by new generation components covered by a 2 year warranty. It has all the latest high productivity and efficiency features including 'No-product No-Bag', 'Auto jam recovery'. A lot of flow-pack for a small fraction of the price of new!

used flow-wrapper

These flow-packers are in stock awaiting their allotted time in our workshop. They will be mechanically refurbished to our usual high standard including a latest generation multi-motor drive system, colour touch screen and class leading software - making them better than new at a fraction of the price!

If you are interested in one of these or have a specific make, model of flow-pack or application in mind please call or email - we may be able to progress it ahead of its currently allocated schedule.

All our flow-packers are available with automatic sell-by date printers, printed film registration, all the latest efficiency features and configured and tested with your range of products. All include a long warranty and full on-site backup and support.

Redpack Multi-Pack Snack

configured for multi-pack crisps

Record Fully Automatic Line

fast, non-stop and no operators

Ilapak Carrera 2000 wide product

stainless steel body and 400mm wide jaw

Ilapak Carrera 500 and 1000's

several available, some full stainless

Record Panda Full Stainless

latest generation, barrette transfer

Fuji stainless FW340 MkII

without the usual obsolescence!

LMC stainless

stainless with low level film loading

Redpack Pacer

twin jaw high speed low products

Record Panda 2000

large general workhorse

Ulma P400

small footprint but heavy duty

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Flowpackers or flow-pack machines is the common term for a 'Horizontal Form-Fill-seal" type packing machine, sometimes abreviated to HFFS. midasmotion supply manual and automaticaly loaded flowpack machines, both used and new. Our second hand or pre-used flowpack machines are updated to the latest multi-motor technology. They include a latest generation drive system and control technology whch uses standard 'flowpack' software and is fitted to all our flow-packers as well as many new flowpack machines manufactured around the world. We supply Ilapak, Record, Tisomi, Delfin, Rose Foregrove, Ulma, pfm, adpak, Redpack, Bosch, Tivopharm and other refurbished and upgraded flowpack machines. We have huge experience of supplying flowackers for bakery, bread , tray bake, tray bakes, cakes, pies, pasties, biscuits, cookies, cards, cheese, chocolate, confectionery, pet food, fish, sea food, meat, poultry, medical, pharmaceutical, pasta, pizza, tortillas, snacks, multipack, frozen food, sausages,  flowers, hardware, cutlery, ice cream, wet wipes, ready meal and many more applications. Full 'nut and bolt' upgrades for Alpha Pack, Record Scorpion, Record Panda, Record Jaguar, Mondial, GSP, Rose Foregrove Merlin and Minerva, Tyrrell Sprinter, Norpak Sprinter packaging machines are available.