Ilapak Carrera 1000

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Pack Specification

Width (A) :
Length (B) :
Height (C) :
Reel diam :
Reel Width :

flow pack 1000 pack size 40 to 200mm
100 to 600mm
10 to 120mm
350mm max
700mm max


flowrap pack style - ICE, Markem or Polar date/time coder
- Fully adjustable or dedicated fold-box
- size change parts to suit your roduct

Machine Specification

Max Speed :
Control System :
Overload :
Product Memories :
Fold/Forming-Box :
Infeed Length/Pitch :
Print Registration :
Auto Stall Recovery :
No-Product No-Bag:
Supply :
Size (L x W x H) :
120 packs/min
new multi-motor, colour touch screen
electronically controlled, auto-retry
50 instant recall with automatic set-up
fixed or fully adjustable
3m (2m loading), variable pitch
yes, instant lock-in and accurate
yes, adjustable numb of retries
yes, fully automatic
230 volt 1 phase, 16A (max)
4.6 x 1.3 x 1.6m (excl. coder)

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