Compact Heavy Duty

bottom crimpjaw assemblyfilm reel

Pack Specification

Width (A) :
Length (B) :
Height (C) :
Reel diam :
Reel Width :
flow pack 1000 pack size 10 to 240mm
80 to 600mm
0 to 60mm
350mm max
600mm max


flowrap pack style

- Stainles steel and aluminium construction
- Optional thermal transfer date printer
- Change parts configured for your application
- Small footprint

Machine Specification

Max Speed :
Control System :
Overload :
Product Memories :
Fold/Forming-Box :
Loading Length :
Print Registration :
Misplaced Detection :
No-Product No-Bag:
Supply :
Size (L x W x H) :
120 packs/min (pack dependant))
multi-motor electronic, touch screen
adjustable electronically controlled
128 instant recall with automatic set-up
1.4m approx
yes, instant lock-in and slip compensation
yes, fully automatic
yes, fully automatic
230 volt 1 phase, 4kW (max)
3.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m

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